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From Complexity to Simplicity, Personnel Management is Getting Easier
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Clients’ Challenges
  • 01
    Repetitive and operational work consumes significant time and energy
  • 02
    High communication costs, and low efficiency due to multiple contact channels
  • 03
    Various policies from place to place, frequent policy changes and adjustment, difficulties in timely interpretation and understanding
  • 04
    Employees' personalized problems consume a significant energy
Our Products
The burden of personnel management often consumes significant manpower and energy of the HR department. Our national, one-stop, efficient personnel service helps you simplify the personnel workflow, reduce human resources management’s costs, and improve the efficiency of basic personnel management. We provide enterprises and employees with efficient Social Insurance and Housing Fund payment services, timely personnel policy consultation, all-round service inquiry platform, and all-dimensional service quality monitoring means, covering the whole country with efficient and uniform service standards.
Professional consultation and service diagnosis
Customize the corresponding HR service processes
Consistent quality of service
Regular service evaluation and continuous improvement
Provide a comprehensive and supportive platform for service information delivery
Manage and track changes in customer needs
Provide scalable and systematic service support along with corporate development
Our Strengths
  • 01
    Professional and stable service team
    We have a large team of stable and experienced expert consultants
  • 02
    Rigorous and refined control
    SLAs and SOPs combine with our intelligent platform to improve service quality and achieve lean management
  • 03
    Intensive and customized solutions
    Based on long-term service experience and best practices, we provide customized service solutions for different enterprises
  • 04
    National unified service standards
    Service offices in major cities across the country to provide unified processes, standards, and rapid responses
Our Values
  • Cost reduction
    Through professional outsourcing of administrative work, we can reduce the cost of human resource management of clients' enterprises, so that HR can invest in more core HR tasks and improve the input-output ratio
  • Improve management
    Assist customers to establish a customized HR management system with professional services, improve the quality of HR management, and make employees more satisfied and HR more at ease
  • Risk control
    Provide customers with compliance advice for HR management to reduce business operation risks
  • Resource sharing
    Using the resources of FSG, we share channels with customer groups for mutual benefits and win-win situations
  • Efficient service
    Provide customers and employees with efficient and reliable Social Insurance and Housing Fund services, as well as all kinds of convenient inquiry means, using advanced digital means and platforms to achieve service information interaction and rapid transmission of service information feedback

A 公司是全球领先的快消行业旗舰企业,也是一家以消费者为中心、以销售为推动力的大型国际公司,业务遍及全球逾 20 个国家,拥有员工近 10 万名。在中国,A 公司机构设置主要包括零售门店、制造工厂和集团办公室等三个部分,总体员工规模近万人,分布在将近 60 个城市。







提供近 60 个城市的人事行政基础服务


在部分无专职 HR 岗位的城市提供上门服务,解答员工疑问及办理手续