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Shanghai Foreign Service Holding Group Co., Ltd. (“FSG Holding” for short) lands on A-share market of Shanghai Stock Exchange as the first HR service stock.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of FSG Holding, Shanghai Foreign Service (Group) Co., Ltd. (“FSG” for short), was established in 1984. With deep experience and professional culture, FSG adheres to the mission of “To achieve thriving business by connecting infinite opportunities, collaborating qualified talents, and caring for mutual values”, adopts the unique service model ofConsulting + Technology + Outsourcing, and focuses on the five main businesses of "personnel management, talent dispatching, compensation and benefits, recruiting and flexible staffing, and business outsourcing". FSG provides a full range of human resources solutions to various clients with local wisdom and global vision, and provides full talent support to the implementation of Shanghai’s Talent Highland Strategy as well as the “Belt and Road” Initiative and “Yangtze River Delta Regional Integration”.

With our extensive nationwide network encompassing more than 170 branches and exceeding 540 service points, we currently provide highly efficient services to more than 3 million employees from over 50,000 enterprises. Meanwhile, through in-depth cooperation with leading global organizations, our overseas business solutions can cover 17 countries and regions; FSG TG has established business service partnerships with counterparts in Europe, North America and Africa, operating in 50 countries and regions.

FSG uses modern advanced technology to achieve comprehensive empowerment of traditional HR services. With its FSGPLUS, FSG is the industry’s first to integrate "cloud delivery", "cloud interaction" and "cloud transaction" to gather advantageous resources and build a human capital service ecosystem. This creates a new service experience for employees, builds a new competitive advantage for enterprises, and cultivates new momentum for the industry. FSG also launched HRally, the first national commissioning platform, to bring together the upstream and downstream synergies of the human resources industry and enhance the service capacity of the industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and jointly promote the healthy, high-speed, and sustainable development of the industry.


To achieve thriving business by connecting infinite opportunities, collaborating qualified talents, and caring for mutual values


We commit ourselves to becoming an integrated and digital-driven HR service provider with our professional advantages in the global layout


Professional Rigorous Innovative Harmonious

Service Concept
Connecting Future
Honors and Qualifications
National Model Unit
National Labor Medal
National Human Resources Integrity Service Demonstration Organization
National Demonstration Unit of Employment Training for High School Graduates
“Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Gold Medal” granted by Shanghai Municipal Government
First Batch of "Shanghai Brand" Certification
Certified to authoritative global standards for internal controls and information security
FSG Payroll and Data Technology Co., Ltd. officially obtained SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 assurance audit reports, and has passed SOC 1 Type 1 assurance audit in January 2021, marking its payroll service and HCM SaaS platform service to achieve global authoritative standard certification in internal control and information security.
Foreign Service Holding Group Co., Ltd listed on market
Shanghai Foreign Service Holding Group Co., Ltd.’s (hereinafter referred to as Foreign Service Holding) A-share stock listing ceremony was held in SSE which marks the first HR service stock on the A-share market.
Taking the lead in drafting and re-evaluation of industry standards
As the first drafting unit of the group and the only HR outsourcing service provider in the industry, we took the lead in the standard reassessment of the Shanghai Certification Association's "HR Outsourcing Service Certification Requirements T/SCA120001-2018", which was officially released in July, 2021 to promote the establishment of advanced service models and service standards in the industry.
The first step of globalization
The equity investment signing ceremony with TG Singapore marked the first step of globalization for Shanghai Foreign Service.
Establishment of Human Resources Industry Fund
Together with FSG, Donghao Lansheng Group opened the leading fund in China's human resources service industry in terms of start-up scale, accelerating the capitalization of the industry, helping the industry to incubate innovation, and focusing on building a new ecology for the future of the industry.
Establishment of "China Human Resource Think Tank Alliance"
Together with HR executives of famous benchmark companies and leading industrial thinkers, the "China Human Resource Think Tank Alliance" (“HRTTA” for short) is the first borderless knowledge sharing platform in China's HR industry.
Brand refresh
Officially renamed to Shanghai Foreign Service (Group) Co., Ltd., with four business departments, entering the new age of “HR industry group”.
Establishment of "Human Resource Development Research Center"
Industry’s first "Human Resource Development Research Center" was established to build a platform for industry, academia and research, which can create a research, exchange, and innovation development platform for the industry.
Industry's first national service standard
Industry’s first national service standard, the National Standardized Assessment Management System for Subcontracted Service Providers, was launched to make the national service more standardized and refined.
Introduction of "central kitchen" management mode
Industry’s first to introduce the "central kitchen" management mode, which improves customer satisfaction through intensive and standardized operations.
ISO27001 certified
Industry’s first to pass ISO27001 information security certification, taking information security to a new stage.
Debut in BPO services
Established HR BPO Center, focusing on creating a new mode of business outsourcing. In the following year, as the only HR supplier of BPO services for Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China, we successfully provided services to Expo venues.
First white paper in the industry
Jointly launched China's first white paper on human resources service industry, "China Human Resources Service Industry White Paper", which became the first authoritative document focusing on human resources service industry.
Service hotline opened
Industry’s first customer service hotline, 962002, was officially upgraded to a national customer service hotline, 4001962002, on July 18th, 2013.
First step of national expansion
Our first regional company was established in Kunshan, marking the transformation of Shanghai Foreign Service Co., Ltd. from "based in Shanghai" to "across the whole country".
ISO9001 certified
Industry’s first to pass the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification of DNV, which brought the operation into standardized management and significantly improved the service quality. Subsequently, regional subsidiaries also passed the certification.
Establishment of the company
Shanghai Foreign Service Co., Ltd. was officially established.
Global Talent Service Platform
Including "Belt and Road" Talent Service Platform and Global Professional Talent Introduction Platform (GPTP), to help multinational enterprises headquartered in China to realize the whole process management of overseas staff selection, cultivation and retention, and to build a pool of international high-level talents for key strategic industries in China.
BBC(Bussinesss Backup Center)
Industry's first to introduce the "central kitchen" management mode which optimizes service quality and improves customer satisfaction through intensive and intelligent operations.
The first industry-level platform, integrating the technology of the cloud platform with strict standardisation and senior experts resources, has been established for the improvement of the human resources ecological system.
FSG Cloud Platform
Set up FSG Cloud Platform to empower management services.
Digital FSG
Achieved the all-round digital-based and cloud-based business, manage- ment, and decision-making by adopting the "digital FSG" strategy.
Shared Service Center
Established the integrated “Shared Service Center", striving to use process and information reengineering to facilitate the upgrading and transformation of the enterprise HRSSC.
Pioneered in launching e-series products based on the pattern of SAAS software in the industry, including e-FILE, e-CHECK, e-TAX, e-EALTH and e-CASE.
APP & WeChat
Pioneered in launching FSG APP and official WeChat, trying out more transparent immediate service interaction, and exploring the mobile communication and service method.
Sol Cube
Independently innovated the "Sol Cube" HR outsourcing IT solution, serving above 1,000,000 employees.
Launched the supply chain manage- ment "SCM", pioneered in applying the supply chain management of the manufacturing industry to HR supplier management in the industry.
Launched E-HR, pushing the business interaction and customer service directly to the user's desktop.
FSG website
FSG website ( made FSG the first enterprise in the industry to achieve online interactive services.
Launched updated version of "MIS3.0" integrated management system, fully integrating recruitment, social security, employment and termination, welfare and reimbursements, etc.
Launched "MIS1.0", the first HR management system independently researched and developed in the industry.
Professional Track Record
FSG excels in product innovation and model exploration. While innovating in response to the needs and serving with heart, FSG leads the industry with its development.
Digital Driven
With the era of interconnectivity, FSG adheres to the concept of open, equal, and win-win scenarios, innovatively integrating cloud technology, big data, and mobile Internet so that Internet+ can be comprehensively integrated into and empower all aspects of HR service industry
Professional Track Record
Digital Driven