Talent Dispatching
Reliable Solutions for Diversified Staffing
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Clients’ Challenges
  • Insufficient headcount to meet changing business needs
  • Single employment model makes it difficult to provide a combination of flexible human resource allocation solutions
  • High communication costs and low efficiency due to multiple contact channels
  • Repetitive and operational work consumes significant time and energy
Our Products

We deeply understand the flexibility required by enterprises in the process of business development and the need for resource allocation in organizational management. Through the talent dispatching model, clients have the opportunity to effectively balance flexible staffing and compliance management without headcount restrictions and achieve multiple goals such as cost control and talent structure optimization.

FSG will sign a labor dispatch contract with the employee and dispatch the employee to work with the client, with FSG as the legal employer of the dispatched employee.






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Personnel Management


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Our Strengths
  • Mature and flexible solutions

    We have a rich case library in employment management and can provide customized solutions based on industry characteristics and business strategies.
  • Intensive and efficient operation model

    Based on long-term service experience and best practice, we provide efficient and compliant HR allocation support by utilizing an intensive middle and back office service sharing model.
  • Diversified and caring platform

    Companies and employees can enjoy activities provided by the FSG platform, creating positive and harmonious employee relationships and enhancing employee productivity.
  • Stable and reliable brand advantage

    As the main contracting party of labor contracts for dispatched employees, state-owned and listed company makes employees feel more secure and effectively protects the legitimate interests of both clients and employees.
Our Values
  • Efficient service

    Provide customers and employees with efficient and reliable Social Insurance and Housing Fund services, as well as all kinds of convenient inquiry means, using advanced digital means and platforms to achieve service information interaction and rapid transmission of service information feedback
  • Employment allocation

    Provide customers with multiple HR employment allocation options to enhance organizational flexibility and management effectiveness and solve the difficulties of some enterprises in headcount
  • Risk management

    With a solid and reliable brand and reputation, we balance the interests of enterprises and employees, avoid disputes more effectively and smoothly, and manage risks for clients in advance
  • Enhancement of professionalism

    Through a series of practical cases, we provide customers with professional personnel management advice and efficient outsourcing of administrative work to enhance the input-output ratio of HR management for our clients

R 公司为一家外资投资管理公司,主要从事资产管理、顾问、投资信托及其他投资咨询业务。目前在全球 10 多个国家设有 40 多个办事机构,现大力开拓中国市场,准备在上海、北京、广州开设常驻代表机构。