Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR Philosophy
Open a window for the world to see China
Walk side-by-side with foreign enterprises
Do our part to make society more harmonious
CSR Report
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According to the requirements of "National Model Unit" and "Shanghai Model Unit", the report showcases the concept, strategy, and means of fulfilling social responsibility, as well as the experience, achievements, and prospects in protecting the rights and interests of employees, business integrity, participation in social governance, and environmental protection.
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Public Welfare
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Civilization Building

FSG actively participates in the creation of civilized urban areas and civilized communities in the region and strengthens the development of regionalized party building as an important work of the party committee.

Employment Promotion

FSG promotes the employment of college students and helps young people in difficulty to find jobs through the "recruitment, training, internship and employment" model.

Volunteer Services

FSG Youth League Committee mobilizes young people to participate in volunteering activities for major events, national major projects and key tasks.

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Public Welfare Donation

FSG acts quickly in emergency relief and donation, with excellent working mechanism, and actively participates in various public welfare activities.

Twin Support

FSG actively participates in charity and responds to the call of the Party and the State for "common prosperity" and demonstrates the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises. At the same time, it continues to carry out this twin support in Yongfeng Village in Dayao County, Yunnan Province and Luli Village in Zhangyan Town, Jinshan District to help promote rural revitalization.