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Smart Outsourcing, Shared Future
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Adhering to the service philosophy of "Smart Outsourcing, Shared Future", FSG is actively exploring the professional, industrialized and digitalized outsourcing service and forms four major outsourcing products in the range of retail, financial, data archive, and government affairs.

Our digital, intelligent outsourcing services & products as well as professional and standardized outsourcing project operation & management systems provide effective service of employment risk prevention, help corporations to focus on their core strategy, and empower business development.

Service Value
  • Process connects business
  • Talent gathers energy
  • Knowledge creates value
  • Wisdom
    Digital and intelligent outsourcing services and products
  • Focus
    Professional and standardized project operation and management system
  • Empowerment
    Empowering enterprise business development and focusing on core strategies
  • Continuity
    High-quality service inheritance, innovation breakthroughs