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Comprehensive Compensation and Benefits Solutions
  • Payroll and Tax Management

    Professional, comprehensive, and efficient payroll services and digital solutions
  • Health Management

    Occupational health management experts
  • Corporate Benefits

    Employee benefits tailored to bring together the power of happiness
  • Project Consulting

    The only thing you need to do is to contact your FSG account manager the moment you have C&B related requirements.
  • Tailor-made Solutions

    FSG customizes C&B solutions plan based on your requirements.
  • Multi-channel

    Your employees can enjoy C&B services through our online and offline channels.
  • Data Report

    FSG provides real-time detailed data report during the project implementation.
  • After-sales service

    We provide you and your employees with a prompt and reliable after-sales service.
Our Values
  • How can we help payroll and tax management be "adapted" more closely with a company’s business development plan?

    Leveraging our leading platform, years of practical experience, and an extensive nationwide network, FSG can customize a payroll and tax management system to fit your business development requirements the most. Our continuous system support is aimed to improve customer’s management efficiency and increase employee satisfaction.
  • How to make corporate health management more comprehensive and effective?

    FSG provides a series of health services such as health education, health examination, health intervention, and health security for enterprises. By advocating a healthy lifestyle for white-collar workers, we can improve the health level of your employees, thereby improving their daily work efficiency and controlling corporate medical costs, and ultimately strengthening your ability to attract and retain talent and your employer brand value.
  • How to make corporate business benefits more attractive?

    Nowadays more and more companies choose to provide corporate benefits to improve employee satisfaction. However, due to diverse age, gender distribution, and personal preferences, it might be challenging. Therefore, FSG partnered with high-quality service providers across the country and created a one-stop Flexible Benefits Solution. It includes a wide range of wellness programs and recreation activities and covers almost every aspect of employees’ work-life balance. Each solution can be customized based on client’s requirements and an in-depth analysis of employees’needs.